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MJHS Health System Announces Selection of Next CFO

MJHS Health System announced today that David Koschitzki, current Chief Financial Officer of MJHS Health Plans, will be promoted to CFO of MJHS Health System effective January 1, 2022.

MJHS Health System Announces Elderplan/HomeFirst Succession Plan and New Leadership Position

As MJHS Health System considered the succession plan for Elderplan/HomeFirst, it quickly became clear that our current needs would be best served by choosing two strong leaders who would work together to oversee operations.

Nadine Ferguson Tapped to Become MJHS Chief Human Resources Officer, Effective January 1, 2022

MJHS Health System announced today that it has selected Nadine Ferguson to assume the role of Chief Human Resources Officer starting January 1, 2022.

Three MJHS Health System Leaders Promoted to Senior Vice President

MJHS Health System is pleased to announce that effective immediately, Susan Lage, Laurie Chichester and Joyce Palmieri are all promoted to Senior Vice President. Each brings extensive experience in the delivery of quality care, continuous improvement, as well as customer service.

Board of Directors selects David Wagner to succeed Alexander S. Balko as President and CEO effective January 1, 2022

Wagner has been with MJHS since 1999 and brings extensive experience on both the provider and payor sides of the system. His promotion will follow the planned retirement of Alexander S. Balko at the end of this year.

MJHS Health System Announces Election of Six New Directors

New Board Members Are Leaders in Health, Finance and Human Resources.

Boda en Isabella Center

Residente de asilo de ancianos observa la boda de su hija desde la ventana

Homenajeamos con orgullo a Isabella y Menorah Centers for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care

Isabella y Menorah Centers for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care considerados entre los principales asilos de ancianos del estado de New York. Actualmente hay 627 asilos de ancianos en New York. Las clasificaciones de Newsweek...

David Wagner nombrado COO del sistema de salud de MJHS

David Wagner Named COO of MJHS Health System Senior Executive to Assume Newly Created Role Effective September 15, 2020 NEW YORK—MJHS Health System today announced that effective immediately, David Wagner [...]

Un mensaje sobre la igualdad racial

A Message About Racial Justice During these uncertain and challenging times, I would like to share that I’m appalled by the acts of injustice that we have recently witnessed as [...]