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Welcome to Isabella Center

Whether it’s our exceptional short-term rehab programs for patients recuperating from join replacement, heart attack, stroke or prolonged illness- or specialized medical care and quality of life programs for our long-term residents – we are here to help.

Isabella Center which is located on 4 lush acres in upper Manhattan, has pioneered the care of older adults since 1875. In addition to being a respected 705-bed center with ventilator care and step down unit, Isabella offers a variety of community-based programs designed to help older adults remain healthy. Located on the campus of Isabella Center, is Isabella House, which offers moderately-priced apartments for independent adults 62 and older.

In December 2017, Isabella Center became an affiliated agency of the MJHS Health System, Isabella and MJHS share rich histories and a common mission, values and commitment to caring for diverse populations when they are most vulnerable.

Primeros pasos en Isabella Center

Sabemos que elegir la opción de atención adecuada puede ser un proceso largo y estresante. Puede resultar difícil saber a quién recurrir cuando usted o un ser querido necesita ayuda con asuntos relacionados con la atención médica. Nos complace que haya sido proactivo en su búsqueda; esto demuestra que le interesa encontrar un entorno que le proporcionará la mejor atención posible.

El personal atento y profesional de Isabella puede ayudarlo a evaluar sus necesidades y a analizar sus opciones, a responder preguntas y a coordinar sus servicios.


Comuníquese hoy para programar una visita. We’re located on in Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan:

515 Audubon Avenue
New York, NY 10040
Teléfono principal: 212-342-9200
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