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  • Senior Speaking to Caregiver on Video Call

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    When Your Loved One is Far Away: Tips for Long-Distance Caregiving

    Being a long-distance caregiver is not easy and presents unique challenges.  Although it may at times seem overwhelming or stressful, providing care and support to a family member is one of the most important responsibilities you may have. Being organized and utilizing available resources will help you ensure your loved one gets the best possible [...]
  • Caregiver Pushing Woman in Wheelchair

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    Options When Your Loved One Can No Longer Live Safely On Their Own

    You may have been caring for your aging loved one for a significant amount of time. Maybe you are just starting on this challenging journey. Either way, realizing that they can no longer live at home without additional support can be a heart-wrenching but critically important decision. As the primary caregiver, there are limits to [...]
  • MJHS Foundation Donations

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    Donations to MJHS Foundation Support Life-Changing Care

    Every moment of every day, the compassionate team at MJHS Health System helps a child, cares for an aging parent, encourages a beloved grandparent, and helps an anxious caregiver cope. For over a century, MJHS has been making a difference in our community, one patient at a time. When Mr. LeRoy, a vibrant veteran and [...]
  • Caregiver and Patient Holding Hands

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    Continuum of Care: The Importance of Seamless, Uninterrupted Care

    In life, especially when it comes to health, there are no guarantees. Things can change day-to-day and having a support system, as well as health care system you can rely on, makes overcoming each hurdle a bit easier. When you or your loved one has been diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness, or are [...]
  • Active Seniors

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    Motivating Your Loved One to Participate in Activities

    As your loved ones get older, it is not uncommon to notice that they have developed some feelings of indifference toward their normal activities. Daily activities may become more difficult for your family member to perform over time, which may leave them feeling less energized or depressed. Although they may require some motivation to stay [...]
  • Immunizations After Age 65

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    Which Immunizations are Necessary After Age 65?

    Immunizations are an essential part of health care throughout your life. However, the vaccinations you need will change as you age. People over the age of 65 typically have a higher risk of contracting specific illnesses. They may also experience more severe and even life-threatening symptoms in the event they do contract an illness. As [...]
  • Four Brooklyn Ladies

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    The History of MJHS Health System: The Brooklyn Ladies

    “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” These famous words uttered by Coretta Scott King are a perfect example of how four immigrant women living in Brooklyn over 110 years ago not only made their community proud, but created a legacy that is still benefiting New [...]

MJHS es uno de los sistemas de salud sin fines de lucro más grandes de la región. Nuestra gama de servicios de atención médica incluye atención de cuidado en el hogar, atención de hospicio y cuidados paliativos para adultos y niños con dos centros especializados de rehabilitación y atención de enfermería: Isabella, en el norte de Manhattan y Menorah Center en Brooklyn, además del centro de investigación MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care. También ofrecemos planes de salud a personas elegibles para Medicare y con doble elegibilidad.

Debido a que somos una organización sin fines de lucro, muchos de nuestros programas y servicios son posibles, en parte, gracias al apoyo a la Fundación MJHS. Gracias a la generosidad de familias agradecidas, las donaciones y los subsidios privados y empresariales y a nuestros propios empleados, financiamos los servicios especializados que ofrecemos, que no son reembolsados por programas del gobierno ni por seguros privados.