MJHS Heath System Caregiver Happily with Senior Resident Next to a Pot of Tea

When you need care at home…

One of the benefits of being part of the MJHS Health System is that we have different care options available to you.  One of those is providing you care at home.

If you need short-term care after surgery or help manage a specific condition, such as heart failure or COPD, or if you are experiencing pain and suffering due to an advanced illness, MJHS Home Care may be the best option for you. As a certified home health agency, we serve the needs of patients across New York City and Nassau Counties.

Si necesita atención continua en el hogar y reúne los requisitos para Medicaid, HomeFirst, nuestro plan de atención administrada a largo plazo, puede brindarle atención y asistencia mediante la coordinación de los servicios de salud y de atención a largo plazo.

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